The Liebster Award

Wait, what do we have here? A Liebster Award nomination from the amazing Pia of Gymbags and Jetlags. Thank you so much for nominating me and being an avid reader of my posts! Oh, I'm so excited...

As you probably all know, yes I'm particularly new to the blogging world. Well I've done my homework researching about this culture. And you're probably wondering too what the Liebster Award is... Here's my take on the Liebster Award.

It's a way for bloggers to support each other by calling them out and challenge them to answer a list of questions. It's not so much of an award I must say, but it is a great way to know me a little better as I answers the 11 questions by Gymbags and Jetlags! So read away...


1. Where's your blog name from?

I made a post about this. Here you go, "Palming Pebbles". In short, it means savouring the experience as I wander and explore new things.

2. What's one thing you'd like to improve on your blog?

Create a new weekly or monthly content so I can blog more regularly.

3. What's one thing you think you do really well on your blog?

Well, this is hard to say. As a new found blog, all I notice is the things that I can improve and do better forward. If I really had to pick one, maybe I'm doing pretty well with taking photos, maybe.

4. Do you tell your friends about your blog?

No, not to all of my friends, but I do inform my closest friends that I'm running a blog now. You can't keep this exposé to your loyal support group, right?

5. What's your favorite colour?

Seafoam, hands down my all time favourite.

6. Favourite season?

I like early autumn best!

7. Favourite mode of travel?

Flight, always love it since I'm a little kid. Yes I know, I am fortunate that my parents took me on a plane ride at a very young age. I just love the idea of flying, staring the clouds and get lost in my own thought.

8. Do you like hot or iced drinks?

Sip ready drink, so iced.

9. TV shows or movies?

This most probably weight towards TV shows. I love, love TV shows. Watch a bunch of them and keep referring it to my group of friends so I'm not trapped alone in this series-madness. The Flash, Game of Thrones, How to Get Away With Murder, and Young & Hungry are some of my favourites.

10. Tea with milk or without?

Mostly without, but with milk wouldn't hurt too.

11. Night owl or early bird?

When at home, I tend to stay up late and work at night. But when I'm travelling, definitely an early bird. I love to explore a city at odd times and watch the local starts their day.


Instead of 11, I will only nominate it to this 5 awesome bloggers. Here are my nominees!


1. Where's your blog name came from?

2. What's your blog about?

3. What's the first thing you do when you arrive in a new place?

4. Beach or mountain getaway?

5. Will you go to a music festival or a yoga retreat?

6. What's your favourite colour?

7. Read books or watch TV/movies?

8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

9. Coffee or tea?

10. What is your favourite clothing store?

11. Who's your male/female celebrity crush?

This probably my longest blog post yet! Thanks for reading through till the very end. Hope you enjoy a little peek about me and don't forget to check out these amazing bloggers.


  1. Ah I'm so glad you responded to the nomination! I loved reading your answers. I can't wait to check out your favourite blogs too!
    xx, Pia

  2. Thank you for the nomination, my love! I would say you are doing extremely well at taking photos indeed! Nice to learn a bit more about you. :)

    Musings & More

    1. You're welcome! Can't wait to see post from you :)

  3. lovely blogs!

  4. great post!

  5. Congrats Albert !!!!!!!! nice post !


  6. Super cool post!


  7. Great post! Really could identify with some of your answers!

  8. Thank you for the nomination! I love seeing other bloggers support others within the community!

  9. I love how much about you we can learn from this post. #loveit

    New post is up on UNIQUEYEAH !

  10. I also think your photography is a great attribute to Palming Pebbles!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  11. Thank you Albert, it's really an honor to be nominated. I love your blog name and were it came from. I hope one day you can travel and explore a lot of new things and when you do, don't forget to take beautiful pictures and post it here! All the best and keep up the good work. :)

    xoxo, Salsa | Hello ENST

    1. You're very welcome Salsa.. Can't wait to see your take on this. :)